The following information is available as a PDF and may be downloaded by clicking here.

What to expect

We take a comfortable, easy approach to photo sessions. Our goal is to capture carefully crafted images side by side with happy surprises as we move through our shoot. You'll find it a relaxing, enjoyable, low-stress experience.

In advance

Your session will be reserved when we receive your sitting fee. All sitting fees are nonrefundable. Spend some time browsing through our galleries or magazines & call us to chat about your ideas (that's right, we care about your ideas).

Where to shoot

Photo shoots can take place in the studio at 25 Inn St. in downtown Newburyport or at a location of your choice. With some children, we find that they feel more comfortable in and around their own home or somewhere outdoors.

How to dress

It's a good idea to have more than one change of clothes (solid colors & earth tones always work best). Include some fun stuff like big boots, wild socks, ballet costumes or crazy hats. The favorite outfit that your child loves may be a sweet reminder of this precious time.

Who should attend the session?

It's a good plan to keep the number of adults to a minimum. Too many "big" people can distract us from the connection we need to make.

How long will the session take?

We could be there as little as 45 minutes or as long as 3 hours. It's a matter of capturing a special moment.

Proof Presentation

Your proofs will be presented to you in studio at a pre-scheduled session within 2 weeks of your photo shoot. Print orders placed at your presentation will receive a 10% discount. Full payment is due at time of order. Only those images that are ordered will be saved to our archives (however we offer no guarantee that they will be available at a future date).

What about copyright?

All images are copyright Greg Nikas. It's unlawful to scan, copy or otherwise reproduce his photographs.


Our hope is that you are completely satisfied with our work and happy with your experience. Precious photographs tell stories and remind us of the true treasures of life. We appreciate the opportunity of making this happen for you.

The preceding information is available as a PDF and may be downloaded by clicking here.